Widening Access Training scheme: refunds for NHS Trust workers

15 February 2017

New information has been added to GOV.UK guidance on what to do if the relevant NHS Trust no longer exists:


The NHS Trust no longer exists

If the NHS Trust that employed you no longer exists, you’ll need to contact HMRC to review your refund application. To assist HMRC with your claim, please send the following information:

  • the name of the NHS Trust or NHS Board that employed you
  • confirmation that the NHS Trust no longer exists
  • the reason you believe are eligible for a refund
  • the date the WAT course started and the date when it ended
  • evidence of the amount you were paid by NHS Trust while you attended the WAT course
  • evidence that you completed the training course
  • your National Insurance number.

Possible effect on your benefits and state pension

If you get a refund of National Insurance contributions you might find that your National Insurance record is deficient. This could affect your entitlement to state pension and benefits.

You can pay voluntary contributions to make up any shortfall.

Any changes to your income can also affect your entitlement to Tax Credits.