Welsh councils and unions unite to oppose Trade Union Bill

11 November 2015

We recently reported that an official request has been made for Scotland to be excluded from the entire Trade Union Bill. UNISON Cymru/Wales has joined other local government unions and Welsh councils to signal their joint opposition to the bill.

UNISON, GMB and UNITE are championing a statement agreed by the Joint Council for Wales employer’s side condemning the Trade Union Bill as a regressive step that will harm good industrial relations.

The statement calls upon the Welsh government to work with public sector employers and unions to persuade the Westminster government to reconsider.

It follows the recent vote by Welsh Assembly Members in the Senedd against the bill and a strong statement of opposition from first minister Carwyn Jones.

UNISON Cymru/Wales head of local government Dominic MacAskill, who is staff side secretary of the Joint Council for Wales, said:

“This bill is a blatant attack on trade unions. If passed, it would deny millions of working people a strong voice at work.

It’s alien to the traditions we have in Wales, and employers from right across the public sector have written to the government to state their opposition to it. It must be withdrawn.”

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