Work life balance employer survey

19 December 2014


The findings of a major study of work life balance in British workplaces have been published by the Government.

The study involved a survey of employers, and covers requests to employers and take-up of entitlements to various types of flexible working, parental leave, retirement ages, and working hours.

The theme of flexible working has been drawn particularly widely for this study, to include part-time working, reduced hours (for a limited period), job shares, flexitime, compressed weeks, term-time only working, annualised hours, and working from home regularly.

The study shows that since the previous survey in 2007 there have not been great increases in employers reporting either take-up or availability of flexible working, except for the take-up of working reduced hours for a limited period. Flexible working was more likely to be available and taken up in larger organisations, in the public sector, in establishments where there was a higher proportion of female workers, and establishments where there was a

union presence.