How to achieve the perfect work-life balance?

23 September 2014

Getting the perfect work-life balance is equivalent to discovering the Holy Grail for many people - and is often deemed unobtainable or near impossible to achieve.

However, a forward-thinking company based in Amsterdam, Holland, believe they may just have found the answer.

Many thanks to HR Grapevine for their report on a story which seems perfectly synchronised with “go home on time day” on 24 September.

Maybe we should all celebrate and learn from the introduction of the ‘disappearing office’. Each evening, at 6pm, the desks in the office are lifted into the ceiling, along with the computers and anything else that happens to be on the desk at that time.

The design studio, Heldergroen, think the concept will reinforce a stronger work-life balance for its employees, according to lifestyle publication, TrendHunter.

Using a key-operated lifting mechanism and steel ceiling cables, staff have no option but to finish for the day. When they return in the morning, everything is left as it was the previous night. Once the desks have been lifted away, the office space is then available for employees to use for other, non-work related activities.

Sander Veenendaal, creative director for Heldergroen Creative, told Fast Company: "We are able to pull the tables up into the ceiling and make the whole room into a dance floor, yoga studio, trend session, networking reception, or anything else you can think of - the floor is literally yours."