Working Together in a digital age

06 July 2015

HMRC has published a pack which explains the rationale for moving Working Together to a digital platform, their conversation with agents and how together they plan to transform Working Together.

WT Agent communications pack July 2015


HMRC want to provide a better service for more agents through digital channels and services, learning from transforming their engagement with SMEs to digital which has had a huge degree of success both in terms of extending customer reach and improving satisfaction ratings.

HMRC acknowledges that there were exemplar Working Together (WT) groups, who acted in accordance with the WT agreement and were particularly proactive. However engagement across all WT groups was variable and there had been occasions during 2014, when meetings had been cancelled due to lack of attendees.

Work has continued to develop a new digital proposition for WT and HMRC undertook a programme of agent engagement during the Spring. They are now at what they describe as an exciting time as innovative work is happening across HMRC to develop agent digital products and platforms to refresh and support Working Together.

You can access their update through the link below and please do feed in any thoughts and questions to marking the subject heading ‘WT in a digital age’.