What time did you finish work on ?work your proper hours day??

27 February 2015

27 February 2015 was the Work you Proper hours day where UK workers are encouraged, to start and finish work, on time, and take their proper lunch break – did you?

workSMART, from the TUC, report that “over five million people at work in the UK regularly do unpaid overtime, giving their employers more than £28 billion of free work in 2013 alone. If you're one, why not take some time to reflect on how well (or badly) you're balancing your life? This is one day in the year to make the most of your own time.”

And a cursory reminder to employers who might be turning a blind eye to this commitment from their employees, that back in October 2014 the Employment relations Minister, Jo Swinson, reiterated the government’s commitment to enforcing the NMW to ensure everyone who is entitled to it receives it.

This action includes:

  • increasing the enforcement budget by over £1 million to £9.2 million to increase the number of HMRC compliance officers identifying businesses that exploit workers by paying them below the NMW
  • naming and shaming businesses that pay their staff below the NMW and forcing them to pay the owed wages to their staff
  • increasing the penalties employers face for not paying their staff the NMW from £5,000 to £20,000 per worker. This is subject to parliamentary clearance through the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill.