Year End after RTI & Payroll Update

27 March 2015


What will I learn?

This course will enable payroll professionals to know what is expected from them at year end, ensure their knowledge is up to date with any new legislation that will impact the payroll function in the following tax year which will enable attendees to meet their obligation and responsibilities.

Practical examples and exercises will cover the submission of accurate and timely pay period reports which will be achieved by having efficient procedures and controls in place throughout the year. Reconciling year-end balances, adjusting employee tax codes, reviewing parameters for the new tax year and making final payments to the Accounts Office by the April deadline and the processing of an EYU.

Course content

  • Employers/Pension payroll duty under PAYE and RTI
    • Processing and reporting each pay period
  • What data is required
    • New starters and leavers
  • Four returns under RTI
    • FPS
    • EPS
    • EYU
    • NVR
  • Other returns due
    • P60 form
    • P11D and P11Db returns
  • Reconciliations
    • Year to date values
    • HMRC dash board
  • Discrepancies
    • Correcting errors
    • Software malfunctions
    • Inadequate actions
  • Unusual situations
    • Opening or closing schemes
    • Annual schemes
    • No statutory payments due
    • Changes schemes
  • Communicating with HMRC
  • Penalties
  • What new for the next tax year

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