How to find a job in payroll

Finding jobs can be time consuming and overwhelming, especially when it comes to finding a role that is desirable to you that has the salary to match. Here is how you, a payroll professional, can boost your payroll job search and utilise all the tools at your disposal.

1. Have a well-written and concise CV 

It is incredibly important to have a well-written CV as payroll managers only have a few seconds to decide whether they are going to interview you.

Your CV needs a good structure, with clear and concise content and a summary of why your experience is perfect for the role they need. It is essential to tailor your CV to every job you are applying for, using the job description’s key words, and reflecting the relevant experience in your application. 

There are lots of different software programmes being used within payroll, so we would highly recommend stating what you have previously used. If you have the exact software experience the job requires, you will be much more appealing to the recruiter than somebody who does not. 

To stand out to the payroll manager as the PERFECT payroll employee rather than just a good one, it is critical you must list qualities on your CV that emphasise this and that will make you stand out above the rest:  

  • Excellent customer service: To actively listen and make the client feel understood, communicate effectively using different channels, be calm in such a deadline driven service.
  • Honesty: Sometimes things can go wrong, but what makes someone a great payroll employee is honesty and building strong relationships with their clients based on trust. 
  • Going the extra mile: Clients really appreciate it when you can go above and beyond for them. If you can list examples of where you have done this, then the hiring manager will be able to grasp your work ethic better. 

An eye-catching and concise CV is the first step to success.

2. Use phone apps to their full potential 

There are plenty of apps to help you boost your job search and help you reach your full potential when applying for jobs, but each app has a different function. We recommend that you install the following: 

Google Docs – Having Google Docs on your phone makes it easier to edit your CV and cover letter accordingly for the different jobs as each role you are applying for will have different requirements. Making sure your related skills are clearly stated in your CV is paramount in getting that all important interview. 

Grammarly – In addition to Google Docs, having Grammarly installed on your phone is valuable as while you are writing it checks for punctuation and grammar mistakes. Grammarly also suggests better ways of working phrases and sentences if it notices any improvements that could be made. 

LinkedIn – This is an incredibly diverse and comprehensive application as you can:

  • Apply for jobs at the click of a button
  • Make yourself ‘searchable’ to Recruiters easily
  • Set up job alerts for the different roles you are searching for/interested in
  • Connect with potential employers to learn more about their business
  • Create connections in payroll meaning they can refer you for roles they see pop up and give you advice in your work if you may need it.

LinkedIn is great for building relationships with people in your industry and networking is extremely important in payroll, by creating relationships with people in your industry, it can keep you up to date with the latest trends. Check out our article on building a payroll network for more advice.

CIPP career page – Not an app, but the CIPP has their own job board and a careers page which you can bookmark on your browser for easy access to new vacancies.

3. Use recruitment agencies 

Signing up to reputable recruitment companies will increase your chances of finding your dream job. Consultants know the markets very well and will assess your experience and knowledge to work out what roles you should aim for, and what salary and package would be possible for your skills. CV advice is something every recruitment agency offers and throughout the whole interview process, they help you and guide you through every step. 

Signing up for more than one recruitment agency at a time means you have access to multiple opportunities across different companies as each agency will have its own unique relationships. Each agency will also have its own way of working and will approach the recruitment process in a different way. Finding the right agency for you is imperative to make sure you get the levels of service and communication you require.