Day one - Introduction to PAYE and NIC

Provides a solid grounding in core payroll skills with content including:

  • UK PAYE and NIC processes
  • Starters and leavers
  • Treatment of gross pay
  • Calculation of PAYE and NIC

Day two - Introduction to Statutory Payments

Concentrates on the complex rules of SMP, SPP, SAP, SSP and associated leave and covers:

  • Time off for antenatal appointments
  • Statutory maternity pay
  • Statutory maternity leave
  • Statutory adoption pay and leave
  • Statutory ordinary and additional paternity leave and pay
  • Shared parental leave and pay

Day three - Essential Additions to Basic payroll

Focuses on the interaction between payroll and other internal and external bodies and deductions that can be taken from pay in addition to PAYE and NICs. For delegates with knowledge of PAYE/NICs and statutory payments, it completes the core basic knowledge requirements of the payroll office and includes:

  • Basic payroll obligations
  • Payroll function
  • Pensions overview
  • Attachment of Earnings Order
  • Jury service
  • Remittances and end of year obligations