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See what student of the Foundation Degree in Pensions Administration have said about the qualification.

I found the Foundation Degree in Pension Administration and Management both interesting and challenging. The support from my tutor and fellow students was invaluable. I am confident that the knowledge and experience gained over the past three years has prepared me for a successful career in pensions
Catherine Dix MCIPPdip, local government officer, Wiltshire County Council
I got through it hoorah!! Thank you so much for all your support!! I can't tell you what a year it has been and I'm so relieved that I've passed even if it is through the skin of my teeth.

Thanks for all your understanding. This means so much more than a qualification; I can't begin to tell you. I was Ecstatic!!
Louise Andrews, Redcliffe Catering Limited

It was a real surprise and privilege to win the special award for my work related project, especially as it was my choice of subject. I didn’t even know there was an award so I was totally unaware! I think the award is good recognition for my employer, Norfolk Pension Fund, as the key player in my chosen subject of National Frameworks for LGPS as well as recognition for the work and research I put into the project. Hopefully it will look good on my CV too!

Completing the course has really benefitted me in my workplace. I have expanded my knowledge LGPS functions into areas where I had not previously had much involvement, such as governance, pensions payroll and investments. I think having the qualification has also given confidence to members of the LGPS and colleagues that they are being given the best possible service and information from me. I would recommend the course to anybody who is thinking of doing it.

Matthew Crane MCIPPdip (pensions), Norfolk Pension Fund