Advice for employers

If you are supporting your employees through funding for their qualification you should consider what would happen should the individual leave whilst still studying.

The contract for studies is between the CIPP, it’s accrediting body and the student, regardless of who has paid for the studies. Therefore, if an individual has been paid for by your organisation and leaves your employment, the CIPP cannot refund the fees for the qualification to the employer. This is covered within the terms and conditions of enrolment.

It is “best practice “ for employers to have a standard agreement in place with their employees so that if the employee leaves employment whilst still studying, the organisation can claim the money back from the individual and does not lose their investment. There is a standard agreement included as a PDF below. 

If you are funding five or more employees during one academic year; you may also wish to consider our in-house delivery method.

For further details please contact the qualifications team on 0121 712 1023 or email