Guidance on supporting students

The Foundation Degree in Payroll Management ensures that students are challenged. They will come across topics that are new to them and so students may struggle to identify a way forward, as the employer you can help. Students will be allocated a dedicated tutor; however, as the employer you can supplement that support by encouraging the student to utilise internal knowledge.

If you have sponsored employees to undertake the Foundation Degree in Payroll Management, in order to monitor your investment, you need to monitor the individual progress. So as an employer how can you help?

Keep up to date with progression

  • Keep a record of the key dates which details the module currently being worked on, submission dates and exam dates if applicable.
  • The students may be facing the challenge of dealing with a subject completely new to them and so they will need someone to share ideas with. Students usually fair better if they are guided.

Help them chose direction

Is there something going on in the workplace that you would like them to discuss? This could help the team as a whole. Perhaps host a team meeting to discuss the module topic; this could result in a piece of structured research.

Monitor progress

  • As part of individual personal development you can record milestones and use this progression for positive discussion in appraisals, objectives being, to complete all modules and regularly report on their progress to the line manager.
  • Provide individuals with additional tasks so they can apply the newly acquired skills. From this the employer can assess student progress.


  • Encouragement will lead to engagement and motivation:
  • Show your support by showing interest in your investment
  • Assign a mentor to individuals
  • Provide time out via creation of study days per module
  • Permit access to internal company information and processes

Above all show your studying employees that you are interested in what they are undertaking. The result will be a knowledgeable individual who holds an industry recognised qualification. As the employer you will have helped play your part in raising the profile of a skilled profession.