This illuminating course explains the challenges that have previously been experienced with automatic enrolment and the actions required to overcome these various situations. It will detail future or current responsibilities and obligations relating to re-enrolment and the legal payroll related implications of the planning and fulfilling this task.


Who is this course aimed at?

Anyone responsible for, or connected with pensions within their organisation, employees in the HR, finance or the payroll environment that requires an understanding of pension schemes, the statutory requirements surrounding automatic enrolment and re-enrolment.

What will I learn?

This course covers the subject of every aspect of pensions in payroll and will assist you in preparing your organisation for the challenges ahead. The role and duties of employers and the various statutory bodies including IRSPSS, DWP and FSA are explained. The focus is on the implications for employers and employees with particular emphasis on payroll processing and procedures.

Course content

Challenges of Automatic Enrolment

  • Issues relating to TUPE
    • Employees previously assessed
    • Responsibilities of new employer
    • History
    • Reassessment
  • Issues relating to software
    • Failure to Automatically enrol
    • Contributions
  • Assessing Employees
    • Statutory Maternity/Shared Parental Leave - Paid/Unpaid


  • Recurring Obligation of duty
    • Date of anniversary
    • Flexibility and variation
    • Notification to various parties
  • Assessing workers and earnings Pay reference periods:
    • Determining the Pay Reference period
    • Earnings period or tax period
    • Effects on assessment and contributions
    • Processes
  • Postponement
    • Employer’s duties
    • Processes Worker status
    • Eligibility
    • Exceptions
    • Exclusions
  • Opt-outs
  • Refunds of contributions
  • Processes
  • Communications
  • The requirements; when, what and how

Course aims

Upon completion of this course, delegates should:

  • Have a strong understanding of various issues that have been experiences with automatic enrolment and actions carried out to overcome these
  • Understand their responsibilities to their employees, TPR and other authorises in respect of re-enrolment, engagement, contributions, opting out, reporting requirements and timelines

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