This course is available online and through a face to face classroom environment.

This course is designed to give delegates details of their responsibilities to meet the mandatory gender pay gap reporting, and will cover details of what information is required to enable these reports to be created accurately and on time.

Who is this course aimed at?

Any payroll, HR or finance professional who is responsible for gender pay gap reporting. This course will highlight the impact that this report may have on various organisations and understand and recognise the implications on their employer and employees.

What will I learn?

You will be able to identify what information is required to enable you to produce these reports, how to compile the figures, and when and how often you must publish the figures and the accompanying statement. The course also considers the wider HR implications of focusing on the organisation’s gender pay gap, including potential causes and best practice for addressing them.

Course content

  • Background
    • Reason for the policy
    • Current voluntary reporting
      • Public sector reporting
    • Legislative process
      • Devolved matters
  • Gender pay gap reporting requirements
    • Calculating the headcount
    • Data definitions
    • Data collection implications
    • Gender pay gap
    • Gender bonus pay gap
    • Bonus proportions
    • Pay quartiles
    • Publishing the data
    • The accompanying statement
  • Implications for the organisation
    • Causes for pay differentials
    • Identifying causes within an organisation
    • Implications of reporting for an organisation
    • Best practice for addressing gender inequality
  • Future developments
    • Ethnicity pay gap reporting

Course aims

On completion, delegates should:
  • Be aware of the legislation changes that affect payroll, HR and finance whether now or in the future
  • Understand the implications of the reports

Booking information

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Closing date for bookings is two weeks prior to the course date.