website key info icon.png   Duration: Two hours
  Delivery: e-learning
  CPD: 1 point

This e-learning course will refresh your knowledge on how to complete a P11D form, it has been designed to revitalise your knowledge and is done in such a way that it can be completed yearly or as you need a refresher. At such a small cost, it is ideal for those simply looking to confirm their understanding of the P11D submission process.

Containing purely the essential information needed on calculation P11D values, and is mainly focussed on the reporting process instead.

* Estimated time to complete


Why you should attend

For anyone:

  • Requiring a refresher on how to complete the P11D form, without requiring any detailed information about calculating the values
  • Yearly refresher for someone comfortable with their benefits process

This is an advanced topic and assumes prior knowledge of basic PAYE and payroll processes. It will not contain any information about identifying which benefits to report and will only contain basic information about calculating values.

What you will learn

At the end of the course, delegates should be able to:

  • Calculate Class 1A NICs accurately
  • Complete forms P11D and P11D(b) correctly and on time

Course content

  • Completing returns
    • P11D, P11D(b)
  • Reporting and paying Class 1A NICs