website key info icon.png   Duration: Two hours*
  Delivery: e-learning
  CPD: 1 point

If you are thinking of making the move from P11Ds to payrolling benefits this course is for you. The course will take you through all the considerations when starting payrolling benefits for the first time.

Containing an interactive case study, you will be shown the process of considering whether to payroll benefits or not, how to select the relevant benefits and employees to include in the process, how to register to payroll and how to communicate the change to employees.

*Estimated time to complete


Why you should attend

As it stands, HMRC has not given an indication that payrolling benefits will become mandatory, but with the implementation of RTI and Class 1A NICs in real-time it may not be long before it will be, and being prepared for this is vital.

This course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to understand if payrolling is right for your organisation and to implement it if so.

What you will learn

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the differences between submitting P11Ds and payrolling
  • Consider the different elements needed for payrolling
  • Complete the registration process
  • Select the correct benefits applicable to your business to payroll
  • Select which employees the chosen benefits apply to
  • Communicate the payrolling process effectively with stakeholders and employees

Course content

The course will cover the following learning outcomes:

  • The differences between submitting P11Ds and payrolling
  • Considerations for switching to payrolling
  • Selecting benefits for payrolling
  • Selecting employees for payrolling
  • Registration with HMRC
  • Communication