Annual Excellence Awards rules

Nomination Rules

The following rules should be followed for each award to ensure that your nomination is accepted by the awards judges.

  • The criteria must be met, and all word limits must be adhered to. Judges may deduct points for nominations that exceed the stated word limit.
  • Testimonials supporting the nomination must be supplied on company letterhead, or via a company email, with contact details of the person supplying the testimonial. The maximum number of testimonials that the judges will accept for each award is three.
  • You can, and should, self-nominate.
  • CIPP staff members, and members of the CIPP board, can not be nominated. Any nominations received for a member of the CIPP staff and/or board, will be disregarded.
  • Awards judges and/or their employing organisation can be nominated. If a nomination is received for one of the judges, they will not be permitted to judge that category and will not have access to any of the other nominations in that category.
  • All judges will be required to declare any conflict of interest prior to the judging taking place and will not be permitted to judge any categories where a conflict of interest exists.  All awards are judged based on the nomination submitted to the judges and without bias.
  • Short-listed nominees will be contacted prior to the awards ceremony; however, winners will not be notified before the event on Thursday 7 October 2021.
  • The judges decision is final and will not be changed after the judging period ends.