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Why do payroll professionals become CIPP members?

We spoke to a range of members to discover why they joined the CIPP, how it’s impacted their professional careers, the resources and benefits they can’t live without, and the support they receive from joining our community.

Watch their interviews and testimonials below and get in touch to become a member today.

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Olivia Dunham

Olivia joined the CIPP and instantly realised the support and value it added to her role. Olivia is now a Chartered member and tells us why she feels it's important to be a CIPP member.

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Sunmola Adeyemo

Sunmola completed the Foundation Degree and continued with her membership after graduating, so she would have access to the all-important advisory team.

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John Stonestreet

John has been a member of the CIPP for many years and explains why access to the advisory team feels like having an expanded team behind him.

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Daniel Hancock

Daniel was searching for a training provider that suited him and came across the CIPP. He's now a dedicated member and speaks on how it benefits him daily.

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Mark Atkinson

Mark started by completing our Payroll Technician Certificate and answers how it's benefitted him through his payroll journey

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Ben Hancock

UKI payroll manager, Accenture UK Ltd

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Ellie Reynolds

Payroll Assistant, Gibson Booth Limited

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Ellis Rees

Ellis first became a member in 1988 and hasn't looked back since. Now a fellow member, he still finds great use for our member benefits.

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Michelle Sutton

Michelle first heard about the CIPP in the early 2000s, and after completing a qualification became a member to receive valued benefits such as our Advisory Service.

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Sharon Anderson

Sharon joined the CIPP as we're very much recognised in the payroll industry and benefits greatly from our very helpful Advisory Service

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Alison Ford

Alison was looking to get a professional qualification and came across the CIPP. After finishing her Diploma in Payroll Management, she continued with her membership as it would support her through her career

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Helen Sherwood

Helen became a member of the CIPP to join a large community of support, knowledge and advice, plus likes to stay up-to-date on any changes in the payroll industry.

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Mandar Naik

Mandar became a member as part of the Foundation Degree for Payroll Management but says it has allowed him to nurture his ability and skills as a payroll professional

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Hazel Robinson

Associate director - Head of Reward, Reward and Wellbeing, Brunel University London

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Tristan Day

Tristan studied the Payroll Technician Certificate and after taking a new role. Concentrating more on payroll, became a CIPP member to ensure he knew all the minor details of payroll calculations

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Rona Betts

Rona realised early in her payroll career that being a part of the Chartered Institute would come with many benefits and describes the CIPP membership as being a great asset to both her and the company

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Ann Smyth

Ann has completed a qualification and one of our training courses and says it has opened doors and new opportunities that she wouldn't have had before

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Vanessa Hamilton

Vanessa completed a six-month course in three months and praises the support she received during this time and continues to receive benefits that help her in her career

Be Payroll website page tile_Deborah Auten.jpg

Deborah Auton

Deborah needed to find out lots of information when starting in payroll and found the CIPP was the best place to get all the knowledge to do her job.

Be Payroll website page tile_Michelle Roden.jpg

Michelle Roden

Following the completion of her level three qualification in Payroll and Pensions Administration, Michelle felt it was imperative to her role and team to consistently keep up to date with any payroll and pension changes

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