Deborah Auton

UK Payroll manager at DS Smith Business Services

What attracted you to CIPP membership?

When I started in payroll, I needed to find out lots of information, and CIPP seemed to be the main place to get all that knowledge. It was a professional organisation that had everything I needed to do my job, all in one place. 

Which benefits of the CIPP membership package have helped you the most?

Keeping up to date on all the changes is essential so the magazine, the News Online email newsletter and the Advisory Service have probably helped me the most. Also, being able to go on discounted courses, that I know the content is from a really trustworthy source, is great.

How has CIPP membership helped you in your career?

So, when I started my career in payroll, I had no knowledge at all and CIPP helped me learn the basics. I did the National Payroll Certificates to understand the basics of payroll processing and as I progressed I have been on more courses and have done the Foundation Degree in Payroll Management, which has enabled me to progress to senior and management positions in payroll.

Tell us about a time when you really felt the benefits from membership

There have been lots of time when I have used the benefits from membership.

When you get questioned about something at work, for example on whether a particular expense should taxed or not, you know that the Advisory service will be there to help you and that you will get the right answer and you have that behind you as a professional answer.

Tell us about the day you realised CIPP membership was really of value to you

I think when I realised that payroll was a lot more than just processing time or sending out the payslip. When I realised the amount of legislation and compliance that we need to comply with and all the work you have to do to make sure your organisation is safe. Knowing that my membership was there as a source of knowledge and support if I needed help was valuable to do the job that I do.

For someone who is thinking of joining the CIPP, what would your advice be to them?

I would definitely recommend that anybody working in payroll joins the Institute. Whether you are a new entry to the find industry or a seasoned professional, the CIPP is there to support you and educate you. The monthly magazine is filled with information to support you whatever level you are in the organisation and you know that you are going to get good reliable sources of knowledge. There is so much legislation and it can be quite complicated navigating the HMRC website, especially when you start off, and CIPP will put that into a format that is understandable and you know you can take that away and apply it to practical information.

Why is being a CIPP member important to you?

I have always wanted to be a member since I started in payroll and I think it's really important to have a professional organisation that is trusted and represents the industry you are in. Payroll is far more complicated than people think it is, and for us who work in it, we have the really important job of getting people paid. So to me, it's really important that I have membership of an organisation that recognises the experience and the qualification and gives me back what I need to be the best I can be.

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