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Payroll Technician Certificate

An accurate payroll service requires you to understand complex legislation. This online qualification allows those with little payroll experience to begin to develop and formalise their payroll knowledge.

  26 weeks
  Payroll administrators
  Level three

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Payroll Technician Certificate - Advanced

This online qualification allows individuals to develop the knowledge and skills required to broaden their skillset; covering complex legislation and contractual obligations, and mastering the accurate calculation of deductions.

  36 weeks
  Payroll/pensions administrators
  Level three

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Certificate in Pensions Administration

Today’s UK pension legislation is complex, and this certificate sets out to ensure that your teams have a broad understanding of the UK’s pension schemes, including automatic enrolment.

  Nine months
  Pensions administrators/assistants
  Level three

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Level 3 Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment

This online assessment tests those who have experience in processing payroll, who wish to progress to a higher level of study; using the evaluation of existing knowledge.

  Two weeks (approx)
  Payroll administrators/coordinators
 Level three


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

This online course prepares those who have completed the Payroll Technician Certificate, or Certificate in Pensions Administration or have at least two years’ experience, who wish to progress to a higher level of study.

  Two weeks (approx)
  Payroll/pensions administrators
 Level four

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Payroll Specialist Certificate

The Payroll Specialist Certificate online qualification takes individuals beyond the basic knowledge and skills of payroll administration into the complexities surrounding payroll legislation and contractual obligations.

  38 weeks
  Payroll supervisor/Specialist
  Level four


Foundation Degree in Payroll Management (FdA)

This qualification sets out to ensure an in-depth understanding of payroll, and the complex payroll legislation involved, and also provides management skills including performance, time, project and operational management.

  Three year duration
  New team leader or existing manager
  Level four - five


FdSc Payroll Management (UK Payroll)

This qualification teaches management and business strategies for proactive problem-solving, workplace improvement, and identifying non-compliance risks.

  Three years
  Existing or aspiring managers, supervisors, team leaders
  Level four-five

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BA (Hons) Business Management

The BA (Hons) Business Management builds on your industry knowledge and skills to take your capabilities to a strategic level.

  18 months
  Payroll, pensions, reward and HR managers
  Level six

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MSc in Strategic Leadership

The MSc in Strategic Leadership is designed for payroll and pensions professionals who want to build on their industry knowledge and skills, and take their capabilities to a strategic leadership level to add value to their organisations.

  Three years
  Payroll, pensions, reward and HR managers
  Level seven

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CIPP and payroll apprenticeships

An apprenticeship is a way for young people and adult learners to earn while they learn in a real job, gaining a real qualification and a real future.

Help and guidance

Help, guidance and advice for both individuals, and employers supporting learners through their studies.

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Our comprehensive programme provides a wide range of events throughout the year providing something for everyone. The CIPP policy team speak at many of our events, providing updates on changes to legislation.

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Payroll training courses

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Payslip Statistics Report 2024 available now!

The Payslip Statistics Report is one of the CIPP’s flagship surveys, and emphasises the importance of payroll data for employee financial wellbeing and organisational success. It discusses the underutilisation of pay data, the benefits of digital payslip solutions, and the role of payroll teams in driving change.