• 21 Feb 2020

CWG5: guide to benefits and expenses to report on form P11D or substitute form for employers 2020-21 published

The guide for 2020-21 includes updates to reflect introduction of reporting Class 1A NICs via RTI on Termination Payments and Sporting Testimonial Payments.

  • 21 Feb 2020

Third accountant to be prosecuted by The Pensions Regulator for lying

The latest compliance and enforcement quarterly bulletin highlights the risks that dishonest actions Pensions Regulator TPR.

  • 21 Feb 2020

Ipsos MORI are looking for agents to participate in research on powers and safeguards for HMRC

Ipsos MORI are carrying out research on HMRC’s behalf with agents who have dealt with an Accelerated Payment Notice, Follower Notice, or notice under the GAAR o...

  • 20 Feb 2020

2018/19 confirmed as another record-breaking year for Minimum Wage enforcement

Report reveals that £24.4 million was identified in underpaid arrears relating to minimum wage, for over 22,000 workers in 2018/19, making it a record-breaking ...

  • 20 Feb 2020

CIPP named in The Sunday Times top 100 Best Not-For-Profit Organisations list

The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) is riding high after being named 82nd in The Sunday Times top 100 best not-for-profit organisations to w...

  • 19 Feb 2020

Shared parental pay case refused permission to appeal to Supreme Court

Two joint cases which related to claims of discrimination in respect of shared parental leave allowances have been refused leave to appeal to the Supreme Court.