PAYE health check

Compliance within payroll is essential.

The payroll landscape is one of regular change, where the consequences of compliance risks can be adverse.

As well as supporting payroll teams with their compliance, we are often contacted by HR or finance managers and asked to review their payroll processes and procedures.

The payroll department must ensure that an employer’s statutory and contractual obligations are fulfilled. Robust processes and routine compliance checks are therefore critical to ensuring risks of non-compliance in all areas of payroll are eradicated.

CIPP Consult PAYE health check has been developed to support employers in reviewing what payroll departments are doing, identifying risk areas and making suggestions for improvement.

Following an extensive review of the payroll operation, you will receive a report outlining any risk areas that have been identified and recommendations, which is broken down into legislative issues, contractual issues and areas of best practice.

Alliance with Employment Tax specialists

We are now pleased to be able to offer wider employment tax support through a collaboration with employment tax specialists at UNW LLP.

As a separate exercise, or an add-on to the CIPP review, UNW’s award-winning team can engage with you to carry out an in-depth review of your wider employment taxes compliance. HMRC's strategy in recent years has increasingly focused on identifying employer non-compliance. Therefore, it is essential that businesses look to reduce their tax risks before being visited by them.

The UNW employment taxes team is very experienced in providing employment tax support to businesses varying in size, from owner-managed businesses through to large multi-nationals, across a wide range of sectors.

UNW’s employment tax team has considerable experience with providing consultancy advice to employers across multiple sectors and sizes of operation. The arrangements with UNW will be dependent on the nature of what is required, which will be agreed before work commences.

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