CIPP climate pledge

We understand that climate change demands urgent and universal action from business and industry.

As an independent membership organisation representing Payroll, the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals is proud to sign The CAFA Climate Commitment.

We stand with the other signatories of The CAFA Climate Commitment to:

  1. Become a net zero organisation.
  2. Support our membership to accelerate its collective net zero position.

We commit to the journey of:

  • understanding our current carbon position
  • measuring and reporting on a regular basis
  • implementing decarbonisation strategies
  • encouraging behaviour change
  • operating more sustainably
  • offsetting any remaining emissions in a quantifiable, real, permanent, and socially beneficial way


  • supporting the membership, we represent to do the same.

By pledging to The CAFA Climate Commitment, we are demonstrating our organisation’s role in global climate change, circular economy, social justice and total sustainability.

We are excited to join an international Collective and will share our knowledge, ideas and good practice with others as our journey progresses in order to support other signatories.

Jason Davenport
Chief executive officer, Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals

11 May 2021