Why choose us for your consultancy needs?

CIPP Consult provides payroll, reward, benefits and HR advice which is completely independent of all relevant software and service suppliers. All our recommendations are entirely independent, based on our indepth research and industry knowledge. 

Our consultancy work falls under four key areas: strategy, transformation, optimisation and remediation. Whether you need support in making strategic decisions or streamlining and improving your payroll operation, system review and implementation support or expertise to fix a specific issue, CIPP Consult has the expertise to support you. Every project is entirely bespoke, so you can be assured of the value it will deliver for your organisation. 

The consultancy process

Each project follows a four-step process that the consultant will walk you through. Although each engagement varies in nature, the structure of each project remains the same. 

  • Discovery
    • During the discovery phase, the consultant conducts a requirements gathering workshop and provides you with the opportunity to share a greater understanding of the outcome you want from the consultation. The purpose of this phase is to define what success looks like for you and gather all the necessary information to get there. 
  • Analysis
    • This is where the consultant reviews your processes, people / structure and governance /  compliance. The consultant analyses the current situation and digests the information to achieve your desired outcome. 
  • Solution shaping 
    • This is where the consultant defines what the solution is using the analysis they have conducted; outlining how and why this would benefit your organisation. 
  • Delivery strategy 
    • The consult reports on their recommendations and produces an action plan detailing the proposed solution. The delivery strategy can take two potential routes; offering guidance and actionable solutions for your organisation to digest and implement yourselves, or with implementation and training support from the consultant. Either route offers a detailed report covering the discovery, analysis and solution we have recommended

Our consultants are highly experienced and specialised. We match our team to best suit your project and we work with you to agree your desired outcome at the outset. Our projects can be conducted on site or remotely, and this will be discussed prior to project commencement. 

Payroll compliance is essential, yet payroll departments are often so focussed on operations and the day-to-day, that teams rarely have the opportunity to take a step back and think strategically. Often teams lack the resource or knowledge and expertise to effectively review and identify any issues. At CIPP Consult we specialise in reviewing payroll operations to recommend innovative improvements to processes to ensure your team are efficient and compliant.

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