Tristan Day

General Manager, Infinet Cloud Solutions Limited

Why did you choose to study the Payroll Technician Certificate?

I chose to study the Payroll Technician Certificate as I had been in the role of accounts (with a little bit of payroll) for six months and was starting to concentrate a lot more on the payroll. My knowledge was quite minimal so I wanted to expand my knowledge. I thought CIPP was the best route to do this.

What attracted you to membership of the CIPP?

I was attracted to CIPP membership because I took on a new role working for a payroll software company and we needed to ensure that I understood all the minor details of payroll calculations, and to give confidence to our customers that we were doing everything we could to understand it all.

Which benefits in the CIPP membership package appeal to you the most?

The benefit that appeals the most is the ability to speak to the CIPP Advisory Service when we have specific scenarios. Particularly low use case scenarios, where we want to make sure that we are running that passed as many people as we possibly can, and the Advisory Service is very helpful in pointing us in the right direction.

How has CIPP membership helped you in your career?

CIPP membership has helped my career because it does give confidence that we know what we are talking about. When we're doing payroll, it is not just the company that we need to look after; we need to make sure that their employees are getting paid accurately and efficiently and on time. The CIPP helps us do that.

Tell us about a time when you really felt the benefits of having CIPP membership

We realised the benefit of CIPP membership when the General Data Protection Regulation was rolled out. There were obviously particular concerns around data privacy and payroll information and how that needs to be transmitted, both to ourselves as software providers, but also within a business as well.

Tell us about the day you realised CIPP membership was really of value to you

I really noticed the value of my CIPP membership when I was talking to a family member and we were looking at their payslips, having first understood all the rules and regulations around it. When we looked at it, we realised they had paid about £2,000 too much in student loan deductions, which they were able to go and reclaim.

For someone who was thinking about joining the CIPP, what would your advice be to them about the benefits they might receive? 

If someone is looking to join the CIPP, I would recommend that they do look at it as a career progression path. It does make people more employable and it also gives those around you confidence that you know what you're talking about.

Why is being a CIPP member important to you?

CIPP membership is important to me personally because it helps me maintain my knowledge and my understanding. But more importantly for us as a business. We are a payroll software provider, and at the end of the day if we can't speak to our peers and customers with knowledge and confidence then, really, we've got no right being in the industry. And being part of a professional organisation like the CIPP is key.

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