Helen Sherwood

HR Manager at Languageline Solutions

Why did you become a member of the CIPP?

Payroll is a key component of my job role and I decided I needed to be better informed in order to fulfil this aspect of my role.  Becoming a member of the CIPP has enabled me to join a large community of support, knowledge and advice and gives me peace of mind that I have access to the latest information.  It also ensures I receive daily updates of changes and can keep my CPD up to date.

How has this membership helped you in your career?

Belonging to the CIPP gives my organisation peace of mind that I have the professional knowledge and backing to fulfil my job role and people trust what I am telling them when they come to me for advice. 

Can you describe in 3 words what your CIPP membership means to you?

Professionalism, Integrity, Knowledge

What is/has been your favourite/most useful benefit of your membership and why?

The daily bulletin updates straight into my inbox, particularly with all the current coronavirus legislative changes – this has bene invaluable to me.

What course have you studied/are you currently studying?

I studied the Payroll Technician Certificate at the start of this year.

Can you describe your payroll career/journey to us so far?

Payroll has always been an add on to my generalist HR role, but now it is a fundamental component of my role.  I am still learning and feel that my learning journey will never end as there always changes in this field.

How has studying this qualification/training course helped you in your career so far?

It’s given me confidence that what I have been doing is correct and further enhanced my knowledge of tax codes and calculations.  This in turn gives my organisation confidence in what I am doing and saying.

What advice do you have for someone who is thinking of studying a qualification with us?

Don’t delay and start as soon as you can.  The content is clear to understand and is invaluable if you are starting a career in payroll or continuing with your CPD.

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