Daniel Hancock

Payroll Manager at DFDS Seaways Plc

Why did you become a member of the CIPP?

I had been working in payroll for 10 years and hadn’t got any qualifications and started searching on the internet for a training provider or a recognised company and CIPP, or IPP as it was then, was the first name that came up on my search. It did the sort of training and qualifications I wanted to achieve and allowed me to do distance learning which fitted in with my full-time job.

Which benefits of CIPP membership appealed to you the most?

I think it’s partially the recognition of being part of a large organisation. It works in your favour when businesses are looking for what sort of status you’ve got. It is also the training opportunities that are offered.

How has the CIPP membership helped you in your career?

I have the Diploma in Payroll via distance learning and also the MSc in Business and Payroll Management, as they were named then, which were both three-year courses. They have enhanced me as an individual doing my day to day job. They have allowed me to secure a new position as payroll manager for UK and Ireland. As a member, you always have the advisory service as back up.

Tell us about a time when you or your department benefitted from CIPP membership.

We have used the CIPP’s in-house payroll training. We found that very useful especially for sensitive topics or more in-depth subjects relevant to our business. We were able to make the courses bespoke to us and look into more individual problems that couldn’t be done in a public session.

Tell us about the day you realised that CIPP membership was of real value to you?

I was quite happily working for the same employer for 10 years and then one day I was made redundant. It wasn’t until then, when I was looking for a new job, that I realised that every employer was asking for people with, or working towards, a CIPP qualification. By being a qualified member, it put my CV further up the list than other applicants.

For someone who is thinking about joining as a member, what would be your advice to them?

I would definitely recommend joining CIPP because it provides the advisory service and the opportunity to network. As well as offering various different training opportunities and ad hoc courses. 

Why was it important for you to become a Chartered member?

I felt that having been in payroll for nearly 30 years, with the highest level of qualifications, I wanted to strive to attain the highest level of membership. As well as keeping me on par with my peers in finance and HR functions.

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