Michelle Roden

Payroll Team Leader, PDSA

Why did you choose to become a member of the CIPP?

I've worked in payroll for more than 10 years and most recently I've been appointed from a Payroll & Pension Administrator to a Payroll Team Leader. I decided to become a member of the CIPP once I gained my Level 3 Apprenticeship in Payroll and Pension Administration. I felt it was imperative to my role and team to continually keep up to date with any payroll and pension changes and ensure my skills and knowledge are up to date. Without a doubt, my CIPP membership allows me to fulfill my role with confidence and integrity.

How has your membership helped you in your career?

My CIPP membership is helping me in my career on so many different levels. I've started studying for my Level 5 Payroll Assistant Manager qualification so I'm gaining so much more confidence in my studies. As I'm newly appointed to the Payroll Team Leader role, it's reassuring I can seek guidance from the CIPP whenever needed to ensure I'm meeting compliance and statutory regulations. I'm also able to identify best practices through the CIPP so I can develop myself further, along with my team and colleagues.

What membership benefits have you used or enjoyed the most and can you give me some examples?

The weekly CIPP emails are extremely informative and it's great to be able to share these with my team so that we're all aware of any changes/updates that are forthcoming. Another benefit that I find so useful with my membership is the advisory service. It is so reassuring knowing that guidance and advice is just a phone call or email away and I always receive such a quick response. It's fantastic to have that safety net in place to seek advice before knowledge sharing or implementing any upcoming legislative changes. I always look forward to the Professional Magazine landing on my doorstep too - particularly to read the Advisory Service team question and answers page and employment law cases. Lastly, I find my CPD online invaluable. It's easily accessible and enables me to log and review my CPD whenever I wish to ensure I have a structured, practical and methodical approach to professional development. 

What are your hopes for your future career?

Currently, I'm happy where I am in my career with my current role and employer. I am always looking to enhance my skill set though and will always aim to achieve more qualifications/training. This is to ensure I'm fulfilling my role with confidence, integrity and professionalism, not only for myself but for my team and employer.

Do you have any plans to study any CIPP qualifications or training courses?

I have just over a year left on my Level 5 Payroll Assistant Manager course but I would like to pursue more qualifications/courses after this. In particular the BA (Hons) Business Management course. Another area of payroll I would like to pursue a higher qualification in is Pensions. Along with payroll, pensions is a highly regulated, and at times, a complex process so this is an area that interests me greatly in gaining extra qualifications in.

What advice would you give to those new to the payroll profession who are just starting out in their careers?

If payroll is something you're passionate about, then studying will help with your payroll career hugely. There is so much available through the CIPP or courses through the apprentice levy that will enable you to become the effective payroll professionals you wish to be. At times, payroll can be complex and challenging but with challenges, comes opportunities. I'll forever be grateful for the opportunities that the payroll profession has offered me to help lead me down the career path I have reached now. You will not regret joining the payroll world!

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