Request for feedback on withdrawal of Employer Alignment Submission

21 April 2017


HMRC’s Software Developers Support Team (SDST) is asking for feedback on the optimum time to decommission Employer Alignment Submission (EAS).


“The Employer Alignment Submission (EAS) was developed to align payroll data with the details held on HMRC's systems and was intended to be used only when an existing PAYE scheme with more than 250 employees first joined RTI. 


As the alignment process and Employer Alignment Submission is no longer relevant to Real Time Information, HMRC is intending to remove support for the EAS message at the earliest opportunity.  We recognise that removing this submission immediately may have a detrimental effect on some payroll software products so we are seeking feedback to understand the optimum time to decommission this submission type. 


Please contact SDS team by 31 May 2017, outlining any thoughts or concerns you may have if this message was to be withdrawn during the current 2017/18 tax year.”


HMRC’s Software Developers Support Team can be contacted by email at