• 24 Jun 2022

Devolution: payroll legislation matrix

The latest version of the CIPP's 'Devolution: payroll legislation matrix' is now available; exclusively to CIPP members.

  • 15 Jun 2022

New CIPP webcast: Expenses and benefits overview

CIPP Policy team releases the latest webcast explaining employer duties with regards to expenses and benefits.

  • 01 Jun 2022

Company car benefit: 2022/23 rates for petrol and hybrid cars updated

HMRC guidance on company car benefits has been updated to show the rates for the current tax year

  • 20 May 2022

Approved professional organisations and learned societies (list 3)

HMRC has updated the list of professional bodies and learned societies (also known as List 3) with tax-deductible fees

  • 09 May 2022

Six benefit types coming to an end being replaced by universal credit

Universal credit will replace tax credits and other benefits. individuals will be receiving letters detailing how to continue claiming benefits.

  • 30 Mar 2022

£6 a week tax relief for working from home for 2022/23

HMRC confirms the stance for individuals claiming the £6 a week tax relief for working from home for 2022/23.