• 18 Mar 2020

The CIPP payroll factcard 2020-21 is now available


The CIPP payroll factcard has been updated by the policy team and is now available to download from the CIPP...

  • 01 Nov 2019

Risks and complexities affecting UK payroll

Caroline Garstang, of NGA Human Resources, and co-author of the 2019 Global Payroll Complexity Index, presents key findings and the observations of industry lea...

  • 01 Oct 2019

Voluntary overtime and holiday pay calculations

Danny Done, managing director at Portfolio Payroll, discusses recent landmark rulings

  • 01 Sep 2019

The future is green

Robin Woodhouse, employment taxes principal at PSTAX, discusses the taxation of company cars

  • 01 Aug 2019

Agent Toolkit Annual Refresh

HMRC produce a total of 19 toolkits for the agent community their aim being to help agents and employers avoid many of the more common filing errors.

  • 25 May 2019

Beyond the TRs

Peter Minchinton, employment taxes senior manager for PSTAX, provides an update on developments