Withdrawal of HMRC 0845 helpline telephone numbers

26 August 2014

The HMRC announcement confirms that in December 2014 the 0845 lines to HMRC helplines will stop being used, and all calls to HMRC helplines will need to be made using 03 numbers.

To prepare for that change, from late August, customers using 0845 numbers to call HMRC helplines will hear a message letting them know that the 0845 line will be closing. The call will still be handled as normal, but customers will be given the relevant 03 number for the helpline.

In December 2014, when HMRC stop using the 0845 numbers, customers who continue using those numbers will hear a message saying that the line is closed. The message will give them the 03 number for the helpline and the call will then end. The customer will need to dial the 03 number to receive the assistance they were looking for.

For most customers, an 03 number is cheaper to call than an 0845 number and it is Government and Ofcom policy is to use 03 numbers.