100% of tips for workers in The Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill

16 October 2019

The Queen’s speech on 14 October included the announcement that restaurants will be required to give employees the full amount of any tips that are left for them, as one of the stipulations of a new Bill that will be passed by Boris Johnson. The new measures will be enforced under The Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill.


The Bill is one of 26 that the government plans to roll out and will ensure that 100% tip allocation is concrete in legislation to maintain the notion that individuals are rewarded for how hard they work, and that they receive fair payment that reflects that. The Queen spoke of this issue by confirming “My Government will take steps to make work fairer, introducing measures that will support those working hard."


Currently, there are no measures in place to combat employers taking a percentage of the tips earned by their staff, with many renowned high street names actively making deductions from gratuities donated by customers. The new proposed Bill will put a stop to this practice and ensure that employees receive the full monetary value of the tip that they have been awarded.



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