Nearly 700 tax criminals convicted in 2013

06 January 2014

HMRC’s clamp down on fraud resulted in almost 700 tax and benefit cheats being convicted last year.

HMRC investigations led to 690 successful convictions – up from 477 in 2012 and the highest since the 2010 Spending Review. These convictions led to sentences totalling 355 years in prison.

The investigations covered everything from complex VAT, income tax and benefit frauds to smuggling cases.

HMRC has also publicised the top five tax cheat prosecutions of 2013, who between them share a combined jail sentence of over 75 years, on its Flickr gallery.

Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke said:

“The Government is determined to make sure people pay the tax they owe and HMRC will come down hard on those who try to cheat the system. Honest taxpayers will be pleased that these fraudsters are now paying for their crimes.

We have invested nearly £1 billon in HMRC to tackle those who fail to play by the rules, and today’s figures clearly demonstrate that investment is paying off.”

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