Joint Forum on Expatriate Tax and National Insurance Contributions

26 October 2015

The joint forum on Expatriate Tax and National Insurance Contributions is a sub group of the main Employment and Payroll Group and is a partnership between HMRC, employers and professional and payroll advisers that acts to improve liaison between HMRC and its customers for the operation of the tax and NICs system for all international secondments of labour, both inbound and outbound.

The next meeting of the joint forum will be in April 2016.

Thank you to Valerie Woodland.

For many years Valerie Woodland has served the CIPP by attending the Expatriate Joint Forum on behalf of the CIPP Policy & Research team. Unfortunately and due to a health problem, Val has had to stand down from this role and so it is with great sadness that we need to put out a call to the membership to ask whether anyone else, who is involved on a daily basis with inbound and outbound assignees, and would be interested in putting their name forward to continue Val’s sterling work in support of the Policy & Research Team? If that might be you, please contact [email protected] directing your email for the attention of Samantha Mann, Senior Policy & Research Officer.

In the meantime, our deepest thanks and gratitude go out to Val as we wish her speedy recovery and a happy ‘semi-retirement’ from CIPP - thank you Val.