New Acas model on building productivity in the workplace

09 July 2015

The way workplaces are organised, the part played by managers and leaders, and the role and involvement of employees and their representatives provide the means for things to change and improve. Acas has developed a model which will help workplaces diagnose and improve workplace productivity.

Acas has identified seven levers for workplace productivity. This practical framework explains how workplaces can unlock their potential to be more productive, through:

  • Well designed work: jobs and work organised in ways that increase efficiency and make the most of people's skills.
  • Skilled managers: managers with the confidence and training to manage and lead effectively.
  • Managing conflict effectively: systems in place to reduce the likelihood of problems arising and to deal with problems at every stage.
  • Clarity about rights and responsibilities: a working environment where everyone understands their rights and responsibilities.
  • Fairness: employees who feel valued and treated fairly.
  • Strong employee voice: informed employees who can contribute and are listened to.
  • High trust: relationships based on trust, with employers sharing information at the earliest opportunity.