Small businesses report success for Acas free online tools

12 August 2014

Acas have published new independent research showing that their free online tools - designed to help businesses quickly measure and develop themselves - have improved HR policies in small businesses across the country.

The Acas announcement says that:

The research shows that Acas online tools - Acas Model Workplace and Acas Learning OnLine- are highly valued amongst users and are helping small businesses develop workplace policies, follow best practice, and get the best out of their people. Over half of those questioned about Model Workplace and nearly a third for Learning OnLine came from small businesses.

Results show that there are long-term workplace benefits to businesses from using Acas' free tools:

· on Acas Model Workplace: over eight in 10 (88%) have reviewed and over seven in 10 (73%) have revised one or more policy or procedure;

· similarly, on Learning OnLine: nearly half (46%) have reviewed one or more policy or procedure and more than a third (38%) have reviewed an area of practice from issues addressed in the learning modules.

Stewart Gee, Head of Information and Guidance, said:

"This report shows that our free online services are highly valued by those already using them. For smaller businesses that don't necessarily have an in-house HR function, Model workplace is a great way to measure yourself quickly and see if your workplace comes up to scratch. Acas also offers a range of training and resources with Learning OnLine so that businesses can take that next step to make a practical and tangible difference. Both services cost businesses nothing to use but could save time, money and stress by offering preventative guidance on how workplace improvements could be made. We know that these tools have proved particularly popular among smaller businesses."

Around nine in ten users were pleased with the tools they had used and more than eight in ten would recommend them to someone else.

You can rate your business on the Acas Model Workplacetool and see how you can benefit from the range of Acas Learning OnLineresources on the Acas website.