Important admin burden announcements for employers and agents

17 December 2014

HMRC have issued a revised Tax Information and Impact Note setting out new figures for the costs and benefits from the introduction of RTI. To coincide with this, correspondence has been published by the Administrative Burdens Advisory Board (ABAB) setting out some important agreements with Government.

The revised RTI note and exchange of letters published by ABAB together highlight:

· Revisions to HMRC’s figures reflecting the costs and benefits attributable to the introduction of real time information. HMRC acknowledge the representations and evidence provided by ABAB members in increasing the figures previously calculated for costs and reducing those for benefits.

· Acknowledgement by HMRC of some important lessons for the future about the way customer evidence is built into estimates of costs and benefits.


CIPP comment

The CIPP’s Karen Thomson is a member of the Admin Burdens Advisory Board and has welcomed involvement in looking at the actual cost and admin burden savings for RTI.

The CIPP agrees with ABAB’s comments and recommendations and looks forward to continuing to work with HMRC in this area.