Automatic enrolment: Staging dates unknown?

05 November 2014

The Pensions Regulator is reminding small and micro employers and their agents of the importance of checking their staging date.

Recent research by The Pensions Regulator showed a wide variation in awareness of staging date, with only half of micro employers (1-4 workers) aware, compared to 4/5ths of small employers (5-49 workers). However, once the regulator checked the information against their records, it showed that only 43% of those staging between June and November 2015 and 28% of those staging between January and November 2016 were planning for the correct date.

The Regulator’s advice for agents and bureaux is of course equally applicable to employers themselves: Don’t let your clients get this key date wrong - make sure your clients know their correct staging date, in order to leave sufficient time to comply with their automatic enrolment duties. Click here to confirm your clients’ staging dates (you will need their PAYE reference).