Automatic enrolment video case study

29 February 2016

Tyre fitters Silverline Wheels and Tyres in Warwick have reassured other small businesses approaching the date their automatic enrolment duties come into effect and called on them to take a ‘step by step approach.’ Accounts manager Rhyan Barry who implemented automatic enrolment for the business said: “It’s a straight forward process, all the information is on TPR’s website and they send out a brochure which explains step by step what you need to do, if you follow these guidelines everything will be fine.”

Last month, The Pensions Regulator (TPR), which is responsible for ensuring employers comply with their automatic enrolment duties, announced more than 90% of the first group of small and micro employers to reach the date their legal duties began, had successfully put their staff into a workplace pension.

This year around half a million small employers will reach the dates their automatic enrolment duties start. This means they will have to assess their staff and put those who are eligible into a pension scheme and make contributions towards it.

Employers should leave plenty of time to get their plans in place and make TPR’s website their first port of call. The online duties checker tells employers what they will need to do and when.

To see how Silverline Wheels and Tyres approached their automatic enrolment duties, watch this short video.

TPR’s You Tube channel has a range of useful videos for employers and business advisers.