Regional workshops for agents to digitally engage with HMRC

02 February 2015

HMRC has arranged for a series of workshops to take place around the country to seek your views and input as to how they engage agents digitally.

Using digital channels will enable HMRC to share information with more agents, help raise issues for resolution and provide tailored education tools. For example it would be possible to have technical or policy expert on a webinar to deal with issues raised during the session.

The workshops will be interactive sessions giving you an opportunity to network with other tax professionals and share your thoughts on the barriers, the benefits and make suggestions for ways for HMRC to engage digitally.

They will also showcase what HMRC currently do digitally with SME’s to get your thoughts on what could be developed for the agent community.

It is anticipated that each meeting will last no longer than 3 hours.

Please confirm your attendance and indicate your preferred choice of venue by email to [email protected] by 13 February 2015.

The full schedule of events is available through the link below.

HMRC Agent Event Invitation