Tax agents guidance on GOV.UK

05 February 2015


Along with all HMRC customer guidance, information for tax agents and advisers is now accessed through the GOV.UK website.

The Agent Engagement Team’s blog has provided an update as follows.

There are a number of routes you can take to find the information you need:

  • both the GOV.UK search feature and external search engines like Google and Bing will take you directly to the content you need
  • through a link on the HMRC organisation page on GOV.UK
  • any bookmarks you’ve saved in your web browser will automatically redirect to the appropriate page on GOV.UK – but it’s worth updating your bookmarks to the new pages once you get there.

Agents have asked us to clarify how ‘What’s new’ will work on GOV.UK. If you want to see all changes made to HMRC’s customer guidance you can view HMRC’s latest feed on GOV.UK , where you can also sign up to get email alerts when changes are made. If you don’t need to know about every change you can view changes made to the individual topics you’re interested in, such as Self Assessment, PAYE or VAT. We have also created a feed for tax agents and we’ll add more content to that as we identify what you need most.

Why not leave a comment on this blog to let us know if there’s anything you think should be included? All of these latest feeds include a ‘Sign up to email alerts’ option too so we’d encourage you to sign up for what you need to stay up to date.

We know that you’re also interested in HMRC’s forms and manuals. In response to feedback and to make it easier for you – we’ve added a ‘quick link’ to HMRC forms at the top of the tax agent and adviser guidance page. You can also find forms using ‘search’ or through the relevant topics e.g. Self Assessment forms can be found on the Self Assessment topic page.

Our manuals will be moving to GOV.UK later this year but for now you can access them from the tax agent and adviser navigation page, through search or related guidance. We’ll soon be trialling a beta (prototype) service with two of our manuals to test the new format on GOV.UK and we will want to get your feedback on those.

We want GOV.UK to work well for you and we’re keen to hear about any aspects that you’re unhappy with. Your feedback will help us to identify the improvements we need to make. For ‘quick’ feedback eg to report a broken link you can click on the ‘Is there anything wrong with this page’ link. To share more detailed feedback, please use the GOV.UK contact form. We can’t respond to all feedback but we will consider everything we get and monitor for any trends.

Alternatively please leave a comment on this blog to let us know what you think.