Employers who pay PAYE only once a year and are due to pay month 12 of 2013-14

24 March 2014

HMRC has recently issued letters entitled 'Paying PAYE electronically' to employers who are due to make their one off annual 2013 to 14 PAYE payment for month 12, 6 March to 5 April by 19/22 April 2014.

HMRC has published the following message on their ‘What’s New’ pages:

Employers who pay PAYE only once a year and are due to pay month 12 of 2013 to 14

Most employers now report their PAYE information in real time, known as Real Time Information (RTI). This means each time you pay an employee you must submit details about employees’ pay and deductions to HMRC using payroll software. As part of this change and our ongoing drive to encourage employers to pay using electronic methods of payment, we have stopped automatically issuing letters with a payslip to all employers who pay their PAYE on an annual basis in one single month of the year.

If you have received one of the ‘Paying PAYE electronically’ letters we will not be sending you a payslip to pay your month 12 payment and we are encouraging you to follow the guidance on the letter and pay us electronically.

As the letter advises, paying electronically is more secure, faster, easier and allows you to pay by the 22 April instead of the 19 April if you paid by cheque in the post.

If, exceptionally, you are unable to pay using an electronic method then you will find a pro-forma payslip and guidance on how to use it elsewhere on this website.

Your payment is due on the 19 April if paying by cheque in the post or 22 April when paying electronically. We may charge interest and late payment penalties if you do not make your payment on time