Customer Survey: your experience of using automated penalty appeal service and your views on GNS messaging?

26 July 2016

HMRC has produced a survey to gather your views on the Automated Penalty Appeal Service and your experience of receiving messages via the Generic Notification Service.

You will have read in the June edition of the Employer Bulletin some hints and tips on appealing a Penalty using the automated Penalty Appeal Service (PAS).

The article Reporting PAYE on time and avoiding late filing penalties also highlights the use of the Generic Notification Service (GNS) which is used by HMRC to prompt employers where it appears that they may be at risk of receiving a penalty in the future.

Keeping your email up to date on PAYE online is also important if you have registered to receive notifications and alerts.

HMRC have also put together a Generic Notification Service (GNS) Message & Digital Appeal Service Survey to gather your views and experiences of using the automated Penalty Appeal Service and also your views on use of the Generic Notification Service – how useful do you find this service? Could it be improved? If so please complete this survey and let HMRC know.

The confidential survey will remain open until 29 July and should take less than ten minutes to complete. Thank you.