Average earnings down by 13.4% since 2007

26 February 2016

In an article by GMB new analysis of the 2015 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) shows the real value of earnings in 6 of the 9 main occupational groups has not recovered from the recession in 2008.

Workers in caring, leisure and service occupations carrying heaviest burden from recession as earnings in real terms are down by 15.4% from 2007.

Overall in 2007 average earnings for all employees were £30,015. In 2015 average earnings have increased by 12.2% to £33,689. During this period inflation has been 25.6%. This still leaves average earnings for all employees 13.4% below 2007 level.

The worst hit group has been workers in the caring, leisure and other service occupations group of jobs in the UK which is still 15.4% below its value in 2007. Overall in 2007 earnings for this group were £16,455. In 2015 earnings have increased by 10.2% to £18,130.

Jobs in this occupational group where a comparison can be made include ambulance staff (excluding paramedics) who have seen real value of earnings drop by 19.6%, childminders have seen a drop by 13.7%, hairdressers & barbers, 12.3%, caretakers 11.8%,beauticians 11.1%, residential wardens 8.3%, housekeepers, 7.7%, travel agents 4.6% and dental nurses 2.9%.

The next worst affected occupational group are the elementary occupations where the real value of earnings for full time workers is still 14% below its value in 2007.

Read the full article from GMB.