Attachment of Earnings Order thresholds – Welsh consultation

26 October 2021

The Welsh government has launched a consultation seeking views on increasing the Attachment of Earnings Order (AOE) thresholds.

The thresholds currently used were last updated in 2007, where the bands were uprated in line with the 36.5% increase of the Average Earnings Index (AEI). In 2010 the AEI was replaced by the Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) measure.

Between April 2006 and March 2021 AWE date has shown an increase in 41.8%, the Welsh government would like to increase the AOE thresholds in line with this.

The consultation asks if respondents agree with the proposed change and if the method is appropriate. They also seek views on how often the thresholds should be uprated, as there is currently no ruling on how often this process should be undertaken.

These changes would apply to Wales only.

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