Automate the distribution of payroll documents

15 July 2019

Inflexible systems, regulatory compliance, cost management and tight deadlines – payroll challenges are still as prevalent now as they were ten years ago. Yet the difference today is technology can now support your teams to work more efficiently: by streamlining and automating manual, labour intensive and repetitive tasks.

For many payroll professionals, the thought of implementing new technology can often feel daunting, as such change projects can be disruptive, costly and take years to implement successfully. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Consider technology that gives you the opportunity to start with smaller projects in a risk-free way, but still delivers measurable benefits quickly. You can then learn and build on these projects to implement on a wider-scale.

For example, think about the documents you send to employees. Communicating payslips, P60s and other employee documents are time-consuming and a costly distraction from the work you want to focus on. With a diverse workforce your employee document distribution process may be fragmented, expensive and risks non-compliance with legal obligations.

By using technology to automate the production and distribution, these documents can be presented in print or digitally in a fraction of the time, releasing days of resource for your team to focus on higher-value work. Rather than relying on your overstretched teams to ensure the accuracy and consistency of these documents, you could implement automation rules to check the information and ensure your business standards are being met. This can be completed automatically in minutes, rather than hours.

At the recent CIPD HR and Payroll event – The Festival of Work – two of Datagraphic’s document automation experts delivered an insightful session demonstrating how it was possible to deliver 'wow' now through document automation and digital transformation projects without capital expenditure.

You can watch the session in full here.