Business advisers continue to be crucial to the success of automatic enrolment

11 December 2017

TPR’s latest intermediary awareness and understanding tracker shows that the role of business advisers continues to be essential to the success of automatic enrolment. The research shows that many business advisers will continue to support their clients with their duties.

As well as showing that the vast majority will continue to help their clients with their ongoing automatic enrolment duties, the tracker shows that most advisers expect to be helping new businesses that are taking on staff for the first time with their automatic enrolment duties.

However the research also shows advisers think competing priorities and employers being unaware of the consequences of non-compliance may pose some of the greatest challenges for start-ups. 

Other key findings of the report include:

  • More than half of accountants, payroll administrators and bookkeepers expect their clients to rely on them completely to fulfil their ongoing automatic enrolment duties (52%, 55% and 56% respectively).
  • Around nine in ten of all intermediaries are very confident or fairly confident that their clients would be able to comply with their ongoing duties (between 89% and 94% for each intermediary type).
  • Awareness of new employers having instant automatic enrolment duties has increased among all of the intermediary types since the autumn 2016 survey. It is highest among IFAs (91%), followed by accountants (73%), payroll administrators (69%) and bookkeepers (67%).

More information for employers and their advisers about ongoing duties and what those setting up a business need to do can be found on TPR’s website.