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07 July 2015

Taking the pain out of auto-enrolment
Thursday 9 July 2015 10:00am - 10:45am GMT

The UK has a pension’s crisis. Too many people are not saving enough for retirement, resulting in a pensions “black hole”, with too many people relying on the State pension alone. The Government’s response was to introduce what they believed was a simple duty on employers to put all workers into workplace pension schemes.

This all sounds quite straightforward; in reality, complying with auto-enrolment is not straightforward for employers (and payroll professionals). In order to avoid a repeat of stakeholder (a previous attempt to get people into pensions, which is widely considered to have been unsuccessful), this legislation was written so that employers must comply. This has resulted in a set of complex rules with fines if employers don’t comply. As well as putting in place a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme (in itself, not a simple task), much of the complexity is around processes and payroll.

This practical auto-enrolment session looks at the challenges the legislation provides. We look at both the design and implementation of a compliant scheme and the day to day challenges of complying from a payroll point of view. We will tackle some of the common questions posed, such as who needs to be auto-enrolled and whether you can use your existing pension scheme.

Attendance would be of most benefit to those who are involved with Finance, HR and Payroll functions.

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