BBC Gender Pay Gap: Top-earning men to accept cuts and women in line for pay rises

30 January 2018

Hundreds of women at the BBC are in line for pay rises after a review of on-air salaries found they were being paid significantly less than men.

In a report from The Telegraph the consultants PwC found "no evidence of gender bias in pay decision-making" but identified a series of "anomalies that need addressing".

The BBC has identified 188 roles requiring "upward pay adjustment", of which 98 are male and 90 are female. But the women's pay rises will be greater, the corporation said. "This will disproportionately improve pay for women as it is more common to find women in roles at the lower end of the current pay ranges.

Reportedly the BBC said in its written response to the report that these proposals are subject to consultation, and they think they will affect just under 200 people and should reduce the gender pay gap.

In addition, around 230 people - mostly women - have raised pay grievances since the salaries of £150,000+ earners were published in July. Around half of those cases have been addressed and the BBC is currently trying to resolve the others. It is likely that most will see their pay adjusted.

The report found that the overall pay gap for on-air staff is 6.8 per cent but among "lower-profile" presenters and reporters the figure rises to 12.6 per cent.

In response, the corporation said it will be making "substantial pay cuts for some men, and pay rises for some men and women".

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